USBA Regional Training…

This week I spent time in my position as a school board member. Including professional development provided by the Utah School Board Association with my Murray Board and board members from districts across the valley. We talked about legislative priorities and professional governance standards. As always, great discussion and great ideas were shared.

Title IX and Women’s Athletics

For those young women out there giving their all, leaving everything they have on the court, the floor, in the pool, on the field. I SEE YOU! I see that you need a fair playing field. I see that you need opportunities. I see that you need equal access. I see that you need equipment, field time, qualified trainers, and coaches. I see that it is not fair for someone who is biologically male, with longer leaner muscles, larger heart and lung compacity to come in and take your place on the team, to take your place on the podium, to take your place in the record books. I see you, I support you and I WILL FIGHT FOR YOU!


Twelve years ago I joined an established school board, they each had years of experience, and I had none. I didn’t know that they would each become a mentor and friend. (Their spouses too.) They each taught me their own leadership style, they taught me it is important to listen, communicate, be compassionate and ask the question “How BIG is your BRAVE?” Each of these skills has served me well and I will continue to use them as a representative. Thank you, my dear friends, for asking me the hard questions while still being my best cheerleaders.

Taylorsville Meet & Greet

Thank you to my niece Ali and her husband Kolby for hosting my Taylorville Meet & Greet tonight! Most people who know me know that I am a kid person, and that’s why I want to represent what is best for children and families. It was such a fun bonus to spend some time with cute Rocky Boy!