Still in the game!

We are down but not out of this yet! There are many, many ballots still to be counted, including ballots mailed in or dropped off Monday. If you get a call about your ballot needing to be “cured,” it’s a legit thing; it means there is a problem with your ballot. The County Clerk has said there will not be an update on numbers until tomorrow, Thursday. Just keeping praying, crossing your fingers or whatever your good vibe is!

Tomorrow’s the BIG Day…

Tomorrow is the BIG day! Thousands of Salt Lake County registered voters have yet to vote. Mail-in ballots must be in a USPS box by midnight tonight, November 7th. Or dropped off in an official ballot box tomorrow, November 8th. For those wanting to vote in person, here is the link to the Salt Lake … Read more

Alano Club…

Are you like me and have driven past this beautiful building a hundred times without knowing what happens inside? The Alano Club is a safe place for those recovering from addiction, it’s a place for a hot cup of coffee, a good chat, and the support needed to change lives. Thank you to Steve, Fred, and Carl for giving me a tour and teaching me about all the good that happens right here in Murray City.

Proud Family of Voters

Proud to have a family that takes the right to vote seriously! 3 Salt County ballots and 2 Cache County ballots in the mail this weekend. Hopefully, a couple of them have my name checked off!😁 Just 8 more days! Get out and vote!

We Are Parkside!

We Are Parkside!
I would be remiss to not address my little neighborhood school in my campaign. Parkside Elementary is where my heart is!

Let’s Talk Gondola…

Let’s talk gondola, I’ve been surprised by how often people have asked me about it. I am fully aware that congestion is a problem and that the constant heavy volume is hard on the ecosystem. However, I do not agree with a project that will cost millions of taxpayer dollars to only serve a couple … Read more