Finally the numbers are in…

What an adventure these last nine months have been! It’s been challenging to balance my current position as a school board member and a UHSAA Board of Trustees member while running for the Utah House of Representatives, but I am glad I put my “hat in the ring” and gave the citizens of Murray, Millcreek, and Taylorville a different choice on their ballots. I really feel I could have been “a fresh voice” that would represent our common values and beliefs. However, despite Facebook permanently banning me, twice, for no known reason, a small budget, and no experience in politics, I came close, about 1000 votes between us. I am proud of the race I ran that was based on my previous service, my reputation, and the issues I value, not a race of name-calling or bad-mouthing. I appreciate my opponent for doing the same. My eyes have been opened even wider to some issues we have right here in Salt Lake County, including our voting system, housing, and our citizen’s increasing worries about crime in our cities. I will be looking for opportunities to serve and work to make the changes you all deserve! Come January 1; when my twelve years of school board are up, I’ll have some time on my hands; let me know if you have any ideas!

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