21 Days Until Election Day and Mail-In Ballots are in the Mail…

21 days until Election Day 2022 but you can vote sooner because Salt Lake County ballots are in the mail and coming your way! Let’s talk about election integrity. I have been voting ever since I was old enough and I always loved doing my civic duty by going to the voting booth, punching those little holes next to a candidate’s name was very satisfying. But over the years as we have moved to mail-in voting, I love the ability to sit with a computer and research candidates as I go over my ballot. It takes away the pressure of not knowing about a candidate or race once you are in the booth. And in our home, we take it as an opportunity to discuss candidates and issues. I think Utah has done well with its mail-in system, better than many parts of the country. For those who do want to vote in person, I appreciate the ability to be able to go to any Voting Center across the county. As I have spoken to people, I have heard some great ideas about keeping our elections safe including having to request a ballot, avoiding thousands of ballot being sent out that do not have accurate information or won’t be used. I also have heard a candidate speak about his idea to hand count one race every election cycle to verify what the voting machines are calculating. Our right to vote is fundamental to our freedom, it is important that we as citizens continue to insist on it being done in a fair and valid way. What are your thoughts on voting integrity?

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