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You may be surprised to know that one of my passions is agriculture and supporting the farmers and ranchers of Utah.  It may come from my roots in Juab County, but it has blossomed as we work with our clients at my husband and I’s Farm Bureau Financial Services office. Throw in a daughter who is wildly passionate about agriculture and editing her college papers for four years, working with rural school boards and administrators and love for the land; I cannot help but appreciate these hard-working individuals.

In recent years, farming has come under attack. Farmers and ranchers, and their animals, are being blamed for many of the changes to our environment and our economy. But I promise you that if you sit down with one of these fantastic people who work the land, the third and fourth-generation farmers of Utah, you will find nothing further from the truth.  Farmers care deeply about their land and animals and live the idea of “sustainability” daily.

I love this quote from the American Farm Bureau Federation:

“When it comes to conservation and sustainability, America’s farmers and ranchers are the boots on the ground. Every day and every season, farmers and ranchers are looking for ways to do better and help fulfill their mission to produce our nation’s food, fiber, and fuel. It’s just what they do.”

As a Representative, I will represent these people in Salt Lake County (yes, there are still many farms in the valley) and across the state. I will fight to save their lively hoods, the very lively hoods that put food on our tables, clothes on our backs, and fuel for our needs each day.

If you have a minute, I would love you to watch the clip about the American farmer and sustainability. #it’sjustwhatwedo

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