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My time on the Utah High School Activities Association has been one of my most fulfilling roles as a school board member. Decisions are tough that involve realigning schools, determining eligibility, and determining what is best for the students of 158 member schools. I am particularly proud of my work establishing and promoting girls wrestling, sportsmanship initiatives, and representing the entire 5A classification. My work with UHSAA let me rub shoulders with amazing individuals who care deeply about our students who participate in high school activities and athletics. Today I am particularly grateful for the kind words of Rob Cuff, Director of UHSAA.

July 19, 2022

To Whom It May Concern:
The purpose of this letter is to make a professional recommendation for Ms. Belinda Johnson.
As a member of the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) staff for the past 21
years, I feel qualified to write a campaign endorsement for Belinda Johnson to the Utah House of
Belinda is a gifted and unique individual who can inspire people in a variety of ways. She has
the capacity for motivation, beginning with creating relationships, demanding accountability and
ethics and evaluating performance. As a member of the Utah High School Activities Association
(UHSAA) Board of Trustees for many years, my association with Belinda has been one of
collegiality, compatibility and professionalism.
In our continued quest for educational excellence and quality, Belinda has been the activities,
athletics and academic advocate who can reach the administrator, coach, parent and student. I
have witnessed her keen ability to stay calm in stressful situations, negotiate void of unethical
compromise, problem-solve effectively and make appropriate decisions in the best interest of the
stakeholders. She is quick to offer praise and recognition, the nutrition our youth thrive upon,
and she trumps the vigor of competition while teaching the spirit of sportsmanship. She
understands the importance of consistency and the certitude of equal opportunity regarding the
students we serve.
In addition to her many accomplishments and career experiences, she understands the challenges
in our schools and works democratically with all school and state levels to find resolve. Her
style is honest, direct, yet empathetic. She makes every effort to fully understand situations prior
to exploring solutions. In most cases, her style is preventing issues, but her direction and
mentoring are effective in ways that produce “win-win” outcomes.
I highly endorse Belinda Johnson to the Utah House of Representatives. It has been my pleasure
and privilege to know and work with her.

Robert C. Cuff, CAA
UHSAA Executive Director

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