What’s Your Why?

First, I’m not a politician; I don’t have big campaign promises, a wrong I want to correct, or a grudge against anyone. My goal would be to be a civil servant, a statesman, and a representative of the people. But still, you may ask, “what does Belinda believe in?

What I do know is I believe in people.

I believe in the student that is excelling and the student that is struggling. And that they each deserve to be safe and have an excellent education.

I believe in the parent and the choices they make for their children.

I believe in the family unit and the hard work it takes to support a family.

I believe in communities and that their members can work together to make great things happen.

I believe in our first responders, our police, and fire departments. They deserve to be well trained and well equipped to care for our community.

I believe in our men and women in uniform now and in the past and that they deserve the very best for their sacrifices.

I believe in educators. I believe in giving them the tools to allow them to teach our children in the best way possible.

I believe in small business owners that hope they can make a profit at the end of the day.

I believe in our farmers and ranchers. They put food on our table and should be thanked.

And so many more people who make up our community. Truck drivers, tradespeople, stay-at-home moms, and moms working multiple jobs.

And because I believe in them, I feel they each deserve a voice, a fresh voice, a commonsense voice representing them. Representing you!

I also believe in fiscal responsibility, the Constitution of the United States of America, and the freedoms laid out in the Bill of Rights. And that good policy and governance are how we move forward successfully.

However, I want to represent my community and would love to hear from you about what you “believe” in and what you are about? What decisions are affecting your everyday life? What is important to you and your family?

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