Bill Signing at Hillcrest Junior High

Friday our own Hillcrest Junior High hosted the signing of ten positive education bills. Sometimes we are a little blinded by the bills we fight against and forget the good ones. House Bill 162 – Period Products in Schools has a special connection to Murray, as it came from a suggestion made by one of our incredible staff members. The Miller Family and Andrus Family Trusts made this bill possible with huge donations and support to get a unanimous vote. HB 248 – School Safety Amendments was particularly touching as the mother of Izzy Tichenor was there to be part of the ceremony. It felt good knowing that Murray School District has many of the prescribed actions in place already, including trauma training for all administrators this summer. HB 193 – All Day Kindergarten was of interest to me because of the diverse levels our kindergarteners enter our schools. In MCSD we have seen great strides come out of all-day kindergarten. Lastly, I was impressed by the tribal support for HB 30 – Student Tribal Regalia Use Amendments, allowing our Native American students to wear the items symbolic of their tribes and cultures in events such as graduation.

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